Aldridge married Margaret Gill, an Englishwoman from Yorkshire, in 1825. But Aldridge had other women as well, white, four of his children were illegitimate. Aldridge and Gill were married for 40 years until she died in 1864.¬†While his wife’s health was beginning to decline, Aldridge began a relationship with a Swedish singer named Amanda Brandt, who also enjoyed making up family ancestry, she falsely claimed to be a baroness. They were married in 1865, a year after the death of his first wife.

As a parent, he was no less difficult. Ira Daniel, his oldest child, became a criminal after failing at acting in Australia. Ira Frederick, his second son and musician, defenestrated himself. Luranah, Ira’s most famous and gifted child, had a successful and tragic life. She performed as a Wagnerian opera singer. After many other successes and failures, she ended up taking her life with an overdose of aspirin. Amanda, a singer and teacher, found a modest life in the London Music scene, the lone survivor of the children.

Luranah Aldridge

Ira Aldridge died in Lodz, Poland, in 1867. A proper tombstone was erected after 23 years and now the Society of Polish Artists of Film and Theater tend to his grave.