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The guy he told you not to worry about

General Information:

  • Type of folklore: Internet folklore/meme
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Informant: Tracy Mutoni
  • Source: Twitter
  • Date collected: 20 May 2020

Informant Data:

  • Once a universal microblogging, Twitter has evolved into a social networking platform in the past 14 years. Today twitter has become the most popular medium for celebrities and politicians to communicate with the public. Still, the founder, Jack Dorsey, and twitter at large advocate for censorship, safety, and nonviolence. Twitter seldom becomes boring due to constantly generated memes.

Contextual Data:

  • Cultural Context: As the environment evolves, innovative strategies and ideas emerge. For each new device, there is one faster and more effective imagined in the future but a slower version in the past as well This comes with a prize—especially on the environment. The faster and more efficient devices under deep learning emit increasingly toxic gas than simple model cars created a long time ago.
  • Social Context: This specific item contains three different eras of AI. Each era is representative of the field’s progress and challenges. A device from a past era could still get the job done, agreeably. It is just that the new guy emerging from within Deep Learning is much faster and more suitable for the new era.



  • Your novel research idea. Some guy in the 1980s. Republishing the idea, but with Deep Learning.

Context(free translation):

  • Any kind of novel research ideas in AI is exciting. Under zero competition, one can often feel they have thrived. It is easy to compare especially with previous work like that from years ago. Sadly, some guy out there will come up with an idea, whether totally different, almost similar, you name it. Given new emerging technology, ideas from a long time ago can be revisited and used to develop totally cool and new complex models.  AI does not still well with old and boring. And that seems to be the message of this item.

Collector’s name: Tracy Mutoni, Russian Lit 013, Dartmouth College. (faithfully translated to my best of skill)


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