AI and the Media

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  • Genre : AI Memes
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  • Location Collected : Hanover, NH
  • Date Collected : 20 May 2020

Informant Data is an online community where tech developers and programmers share their daily life experiences and bond over successes and frustrations with code, tech and life as programmers. The platform members post jokes, meme’s, legends and stories about their daily work life in the tech industry. The site describes itself as a place where programmers share their war stories about life behind the keyboard. The platform members have a deep understanding of computer science and their content is always aligned with their common CS background.

Contextual Data

The real Artificial Intelligence consists of tedious mathematical models that are usually presented in form of academic research papers and rigorous code. This meme is an inside joke within the developer community about the exaggeration of AI by the media. The media tends to present any simple piece of code as AI for marketing and click baiting people because AI sells. The selling phenomenon of AI can be evidenced by big Hollywood movies such as the Terminator and the Matrix. The media takes advantage of the selling point of AI to make profits although it doesn’t even understand the real AI.



Collector’s Name: Louis Murerwa


  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Media
  • Meme

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