AI in Art Gallery

General Information about Item:

  • Internet Folklore/Meme
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Informant: Archie Shahidullah
  • Date Collected: 03-27-2020

Informant Data:

  • Archie Shahidullah is a male California Institute of Technology (Caltech) student in the class of 2022.  He was born in Scotland and raised in the Tucson, AZ.  During his time in Caltech, he studies Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning.

Contextual Data:

  • Cultural Context: Modern art can result in the framing of something simple and an extravagant name can draw the attention of the media. This is applied to how the Machine Learning uses statistics and once shown as Artificial Intelligence, it gathers a lot of attention from the media.
  • Social Context: This meme was collected in a dedicated Facebook Meme page “Nondeterministic Memes for NP Complete Teens”and has sent it to several of his peers that also study Machine Learning.


Source: “Nondeterministic Memes for NP Complete Teens” Facebook Page

Informant’s Comments:

  •  “all the glamour behind machine learning is not accurate….the mathematics behind it have been around for decades”

Collector’s Comments:

  • The name of “Artificial Intelligence” is really a misnomer for Machine Learning because it is mathematics at its core and it is shown as something superior in Technology.

Collector’s Name: Yunive Avendaño


  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Media
  • Meme

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