Blonde Joke

Title: Blonde Joke

General Information about Item:

  • Verbal Lore, Joke
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Country of Origin: Israel
  • Informant: Eval Zimet
  • Date Collected: 11-3-18

Informant Data:

  • Eyal was born and raised in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz, Israel. He is currently the assistant coach of the Dartmouth women’s varsity volleyball team. He competed on the Israeli National team for many years, attended the University of Hawaii, and played a professional beach volleyball player in the AVP . Hebrew is his native language, but he is also fluent in English.

Contextual Data:

  • Cultural Context: The state of Israel is located in the Middle East, with Hebrew being its primary language. Over 9 million people speak the language worldwide. Humor has been present here in this location, historically through works of Judaism, but in today’s culture primarily expressed in a mainstream, anecdotal form, most frequently mirroring American humor.
  • Social Context: The interviewee is a native Hebrew Speaker, who learned English while growing up and preparing to serve in the Israeli military. He later graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of Hawaii. The joke was told to him by a native Hebrew Speaker back in Israel. The interviewee said this joke was a ‘family friendly’ joke he had learned from friends when growing up.


  • This is a joke in Hebrew making fun of blondes. It targets the American stereotypes of blonde women being dumb and ditzy. The joke pokes fun at the blonde’s ability to decipher a confusing situation, such as a card that says to flip it over on both sides.

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Hebrew Transcript:


English Transcript of Translation:

  • “How do you drive a blonde crazy? You hand her a note that has the word ‘flip’ written on both sides.”

Informant’s Comments:

  • When I asked the informant for some jokes he had learned as a teenager, this was the first one he gave. He said it was one of the few ‘family friendly’ jokes he could share. He also noted that in Israel the ‘blonde’ stereotype is widely known, and often times included in much raunchier jokes and comments.

Collector’s Comments:

  • This joke is a funny example of a short joke, which provides a normal context, then finishes with an unexpected punch line. The fact that the informant had to think of ‘family friendly’ jokes and came up with this one felt like he was trying to relate to me as an American. Although there are no specific references to the Jewish culture or life in Israel, the joke still provides insight in to the type of witty and sarcastic humor often found in modern Jewish humor.

Collector’s Name: Zoe Leonard & Bun Straton


  • Verbal Lore
  • Joke
  • Blonde

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