Bequest – Long-sleeve Classic Rugby Jersey Polo

Title: Bequest – Long-sleeve Classic Rugby Jersey Polo

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Informant Data:

  • Ian Sullivan is a 20 year old male student from Randolph, New Jersey in the United States. He grew up playing football, basketball, and tennis and began playing rugby when he arrived at Dartmouth 3 years ago, having never played or watched the sport before. Ian grew up in Ridgewood, NJ before moving to Randolph, and has American parents Kathleen Sullivan and Andrew Sullivan. Kathleen is from New York City and Andrew is from Chicago. Ian has played rugby for his three years in college and has taken to watching professional rugby.

Contextual Data:

  • Within the DRFC there are items of clothing called “bequests” that are handed down each year by the graduating senior to the younger players. Over time these bequests pick of a line of former owners all of who are supposed to be similar in one way or another. The bequests act as a link between past and present players and are a large part of the deep heritage and history of the club.


  • This jersey is an old school long-sleeve polo jersey from earlier Dartmouth years. With a classic large-striped design and a thick cotton material, it is reminiscent of old sport jerseys from when athletic wear was more rudimentary and focused less on boosting performance.  This jersey has been owned by Dartmouth players for at least ten years, as there are names ranging back to ’06. This is a jersey that has been worn in public as well as on Fashion Fridays, due to its good quality.

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  • The readable names on the collar include “Manzo ’07,” “Cohn ’09,” “DeChatt ’16,” and “Sullivan ’18” although there are at least three of four more.

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Ian Sullivan


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