Peer Review

3 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. Natalie,
    To begin I love your photo banner! I think it’s a great visual to start your project off with. The introduction is nice and heart felt, you may wish to get rid of the comment box. I don’t like them but my friend told me “They look more professional.” Really all up to taste and what you want the function of the page to be. The Oral History page has an awesome photo! You have a beautiful family. The text is great in function but in form may need to be edited some. Many sentences start with the same structure and begin with “He.” There are a few minor edits to be made here and there but otherwise those pages are a really solid start! My only suggestion is that I think it’d be nice if the pages were set up chronologically. My favorite page is the Migrations Across Generations page. It’s a really nice story and good way to hear/understand his voice. Ideas for sprucing up your page: perhaps add fun family videos, audio, or a picture gallery. Overall, your family story is very rich and interesting!

  2. One thing that might need clarification, I mean, if you wish, is the portion between Argentina and Israel. I was confused as to why Israel… You need to work on the transitions between places and how that happened just a tad and I think it should be all good.

  3. Natalie, I think you’ve done a really nice job on this oral history. I do really love the incorporation of your grandparents story into the narrative. I am sure your father will be very proud of the oral history you produced. One thing I noted is that the writing is centered on the “migrations across generations” tab. I think it would be best to justify it left. In terms of aesthetics the page is pleasing, your images, video, and audio appropriate but not overdone. nice job.

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