New York

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 4.22.15 PM“New York is my favorite place in the United States.” Sebastian tells me. He also loves Colorado, “I just like the mountains.” These are the places that are his favorites in this country.

He resides in New York with his family. He came from California for a job opportunity. He explains, “I was working in California, and one of my clients in New York offered me a job, and I left the place where I was working and came to work in New York.” He jokingly adds, “Besides, there weren’t enough women in California who I liked, so I had to come to New York to find women.” He met his wife in New York City. Sebastian and his future wife had both been at a few of the same parties. The parties where they overlapped often had a large group of Argentines. Sebastian then essentially crashed a party thrown by his future wife with a friend. He officially met her there and got her number. They were married a year later. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary. They have two twin daughters. When I ask Sebastian what he is most proud of in his life, he does not hesitate. He names the names of his two daughters and tells me that they are what he is most of proud of. Their family is very close, and they value spending time together and enjoy each other’s company.  Sebastian worked in Wall Street before opening his own company and working on individual deals. We talk about life in Manhattan. He says “most of the social life occurs at homes and in restaurants near by.” He has some friends in New York City who are also Argentinean, Sebastian explains, “obviously there is a connection because you have some things in common, but I didn’t feel particularly connected to Argentines over other nationalities and certainly not over Americans.”

Sebastian has often talked about having a “western spirit.” The rocky mountain region of the United States appeals to his nature. The mountainous terrain of Colorado with its big skies has values of hard work, self-reliance, loyalty, honesty, and bravery that line up with his own values. Sebastian is somewhat of an urban cowboy in New York City. His moral code and personal interests align with an attitude that is often associated with the western area of the country. That being said, New York City is Sebastian’s home now. He loves the city.