Education and Dreams

Tita had a box of baby chicks when she was a child.

I loved animals as a little girl. I had the dream of becoming a veterinarian. My mother quickly killed that dream because they weren’t very well paid in Mexico at the time. I later thought that I would study medicine because that way I could still help people and it paid a lot better than being a Vet. My dad was really supportive of my desire to study medicine but my mother told me there wasn’t enough money. Finally my mother decided that I should become a nurse. It was with that decision that my problems really got started. There were times where she would help me pay for my education and times where she would just say no, and I’d have to somehow scrape up the money.

The Struggle.

I remember that I taught myself how to make cakes and treats like, empanadas, arroz con leche and tres leches. Selling these was basically how I managed to put myself through school. I had this boyfriend who would always but my cakes and cookies. He was very rich and my mother loved him for that, to the point that she wanted me to marry him! I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t bring myself to marry someone just for their money, I think that this one of the main differences between my mother and I and maybe one of the reasons that we never got on very well. I’ve never been particularly driven by money but my mother loves it.

I said that this was when my problems really got started and I meant it. I was around 16 years old when we started having more and more confrontations. In fact just 5 years later I would come to the United States.

At the same time that I was doing my community service and nursing, I started to work at a company in Matamoros, that made steering wheels, stereos, and other things that would go into cars. It was there that I would talk to my coworkers about the problems I had with my family and they would always tell me to look for something better, that I was smart enough to move out on my own.

I don’t know if I would agree with them but after a few weeks of working at the plant I was promoted to head of the lines and head of customer satisfaction, where I would check a certain number of products to make sure that the rest were up to par. These were products that were going to all over the world. I was very excited. It was soon after that they offered to move me to one of their locations in the United States. I talked it over with my mother and she agreed because one of my sisters had already come over to the States.

Life in the United States

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