Oral History



My name is Alejandra and I’m from Rosario, Argentina.  I grew up during the military dictatorship, also known as the Dirty War.  I was a teenager during those years and many of us didn’t understand what was really happening.

Alejandra at her 15th birthday party

Alejandra at her 15th birthday party

The military government kept much of it secret so people were generally unaware of the details.  Luckily, since I went to a catholic school, I was heavily involved with my Church.  This involvement occupied most of my energy and time, which diverted my interest in politics.  Where it not for my involvement with the Catholic Church, I would have spoken out against the military dictatorship and probably been kidnapped.  While I have many fond memories of growing up, looking back, I did feel suppressed.  Moving to the United States provided me with opportunities I would not have otherwise experienced back in Argentina.


Rosario, Argentina

From a young age I was very independent, curious, and motivated.  I left Argentina when I was 28 because I won a scholarship to study Journalism at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  I left on animal’s day April 29, 1990, which is significant because later in life I would become an animal lover, especially a dog lover.  I have lived in the U.S. for 23 years.

ROSARIO- Argentina

Rosario, Argentina

While living in the United States, I advanced my career, met my husband, had a child, adopted a few animals, and grown as a person by adopting Buddhist beliefs and practices.  My son appreciates the Argentinean culture and has even mentioned getting a dual citizenship.  I am very passionate about helping others, which has driven me to become an advocate for animals.

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