Raising a Child in the United States

Raising a child in the United States: Argentinean mother and Mexican father

I am an Argentinean mom because I grew up in Argentina but I am very independent so my kid is independent. Max appreciates the fact that he has Mexican, Argentinean, and Italian cultures. He sees it as a gift and he is grateful.

Alejandra and her son Max

Alejandra and her son Max

My husband Hector also enjoys the Argentinean culture very much. Max has spent long periods of time in Argentina and likes it. He told me one night, “You know, I’m thinking about applying for an Argentinean citizenship”. I was laughing so hard! I think he feels people are very warm. He sees that quality in my friends and family. Crazy stuff happens in the family and I have crazy family members (I am one of them) so he feels accepted and he feels at home.

Usually in a house the mom is the one that sets the roles. Not because there is a mandate, but that’s the way it is often. Hector and I both work as business owners so we are equal partners but I have a personality that’s difficult to fight against so I often dictate roles at home. Of course, I always choose what is the best for everyone and I respect everyone’s space!

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