Pre-interview Framework

When did you leave Argentina? How old were you at the time? Where in Argentina are you from?

How long have you lived here, in the United States?

Leaving Argentina
What are some memories of your childhood in Argentina? What did you do for fun?

What were the conditions in Argentina at the time you left?

Political, social, economic?

Why did you leave Argentina?
-Whose decision was it? Why?
-Did you want to leave?

How did you choose to come to the United States instead of another country?
-Did you know English before coming here? Did you speak any other languages?
-How did family and friends react when they found out you were leaving?

What did you do to prepare for the change?

What are your memories of leaving Argentina?
-Which of your family members are still in Argentina?
-Did anyone come with you?

How did you get to the US?
-Did you have to stay somewhere else before arriving?

Arriving in the US
Where did you first settle when you came to the US?
-How did that place compare to your hometown?
-Was there a Latin American or even Argentinean community?
-How were you treated when you first came? And now?

What changes in lifestyle did you make when you came here?
-What was your first impression of the United States?

Has this impression changed over time?

How did your experience in the US compare to what you had imagined?

What were your hopes/goals for yourself when you came here? Realized them?
-What was it like finding your first jobs and your journey to becoming a leader in your field?

What are some similarities and differences between US and Argentinean cultures?

What was your experience dating in the US? Marriage? Raising children?

Maintaining ties
How often do you return to Argentina?

What type of connection do you have with family in friends in Argentina?

What is it like to return?

What do you miss most about Argentina?

Is there anything else you would like to add that we haven’t had a chance to talk about yet?