Maintaining ties

Relationship with family and friends in Argentina

I am very close with my family and friends in Argentina. I am very close with my aunts and uncles, but also very close with their kids. Since my mom was very young- she was an accident- I have cousins who are in their 40s and uncles who are 75. I can relate to all of them. They appreciate and respect me. Overall, I have a great relationship with all of them. Sometimes, because I am here in the U.S., I can act as a neutral party and help them find solutions to situations that every family goes through.

Returning, visiting, and keeping in touch

It is easy to return and visit. You need to be a little bit more selective because you are not living there so the time you have is precious and you prioritize people.

Alejandra with her parents, her cousin Diego, and his son Alejo Rosario Argentina: Summer 2010

Alejandra with her parents, her cousin Diego, and his son Alejo
Rosario, Argentina: Summer 2010

Since my parents have aged, they need my attention, especially since I am the only child. I try to spend time with the people that need me more. Of course there are the people that I don’t want to see, the people I don’t even want to spend three seconds with. So you become more selective.

And that’s life. You know, that happens everywhere.  I spend time with my friends from Grammar and High school and we still get together!

I use the phone and FaceBook with my friends. I’m always in touch and I’m very involved. I always know what’s going on and they know about me. They’re very proud, by the way!  Being far away allows me to sometimes be an unbiased counselor!  That also happens here in the states.  I guess I am a good listener… I should’ve been a lawyer or a psychologist!

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