Concluding Remarks

Alejandra in Italy  Spring 2009

Alejandra in Italy
Spring 2009

We live in a world in which we must reinvent ourselves. We might start working or doing something today and in five years we decide that that we’re going to take a different route. That’s perfectly fine. If you decide to be a doctor and then you decide you don’t like it and you want to open a business, that’s okay! At the end of the day, we need to think about what we want to do in life and we must do something that is going to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

We can help each other. I think we human beings need to elevate our nature.  We need to always remember where we come from and strive to make a difference in this world, a world that is often out of control.  We need to develop compassion towards other begins: humans, animals, vegetation, respect for the Universe, and the Law of Nature.  It is good to be ambitious but when the ambition for money deteriorates our human nature, we forget who we are and why we are in this world.  We need to live in the present and really think about what Picture 18we love to do and how we can help each other.  In the end we only have now!  Let’s make a difference!