Peer Review

3 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. Eduardo Zapata

    Nice Job Emmy! I really enjoyed reading the transcript, it sounds like it will be a bit tough to get the Oral History down from the transcript since there is so much information, but as I know you are great friends with Patty, you will be able to do this easily since you are representing your friend. I’m interested in seeing the video footage you got since I also did the same thing, and great job with the introduction! It seems like you knew you wanted to interview Patty from the start. As it seems you have focused on the transcript the most, I want to congratulate you for having a really great transcript that was able to capture the voice. I hope you are able to get the footage, or audio onto the website to get to hear/see her on the computer instead of just reading about her. You did a really good job with the website so far.

  2. Phoebe Racine

    I love the voice of your narration, it’s both fun and interesting to read. You do her justice with the telling of her story. There are a few textual edits to be made here and there, but otherwise it’s well written and flows well. As you go along more visuals would be a nice thing to think about. Perhaps photos or if you can get ahold of them- family videos, perhaps even a basic introduction video or a video of one of your performances. I look forward to seeing the rest of your project! So far it’s beautiful.


  3. Lourdes Najera

    Emmanuel, I really like this site. It is well organized and written. I find it clean and pleasing to the eye. I also really appreciate the effort you made to make the transcription engaging! 🙂 Great job.

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