“Why are you leaving?”

“I have family here. So it’s just easier to get to a place where you know somebody”

When her uncle Alfredo told Joselina that he would be traveling to the United States, she decided to join him. Joselina describes this decision as an impulse. She did not leave for the economic opportunities or out of necessity; she wanted new experiences. She also had family in the United States which made the draw to the U.S. even bigger.

Before leaving neighbors and family members would ask “Why are you leaving? You have everything! Your life is perfect?” While other would say “It will be so cool. This will be a great experience and you will be speaking English in a month and you’ll have a lot of money”. Joselina says that at 21, it was  easy to take things for granted. The things that she enjoyed at home have not always been so readily available to her in the U.S. So putting on hold the “perfect” life that she had in her country, she set off on a new adventure.