Future Plans

Joselina graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in June 2012.She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is working towards becoming a speech therapist. Her future goals were inspired by her migration. Learning a new language herself, Joselina understands how difficult it can be to communicate when you don’t have the right tools. Even if you know what you want to say, sometimes it just does not come out. She wants to help people and children with disabilities to be able to communicate.

More specifically, Joselina wants to work with Spanish-speaking children with speech problems. This stems from an experience that she had in California. One of her coworkers had a child with speech problems and his mother had a very difficult time finding the right help. She wants to help low-income, Spanish-speaking families get the care and resources their children need.

Click here to listen to the story that inspired Joselina to pursue speech therapy.

Joselina’s main goal is to help her community.  “So, hopefully I will be able to help the Latino Community in whatever I [do]”.