Peer Review

2 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. I see where your project is going and it seems like you have a very interesting story to tell. I like that you incorporated spanish into your project.
    I like that you pointed out the personal nature of the project for you.
    A couple of grammar things: “Let me now, turn toward the story of José Manuel Alvarez, “my father” or mi papa.” (no comma)
    “Many times my mother has said, “lo tímida lo heredaste de tu papá” (“your shyness is something you inherited from your father”). I concede that it is true.” (It is vague maybe write I concede that her words are true or something)
    So make sure to proofread.
    I would keep adding to the project but it seems like you are headed in a good direction!

  2. Keyry,
    I really enjoyed reading your introduction. I think because this story is so personal for you, the introduction does a great job at giving the reader perspective. I like the way you incorporate pictures with captions into the text. Just continue this pattern in your other pages. You chose a good background photo- it doesn’t distract from the pages but it does add another dimension. Great job so far!

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