Peer Review

2 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. Autumn, overall I think the web page looks great aesthetically. I would concentrate on the prose. Make it flow more smoothly. Also, it is your job to make the person look great. Read through and correct grammatical errors and also make the writing flow more easily. There are some great comments in there but at times, they seem not to fit in with the rest of the narrative. I’d like a narrative that holds together and reads smoothly. I’ve made changes on first several pages to make the prose flow better. Hope you agree with the changes.

    Best of luck!

  2. Autumn,

    Your webpage is looking fantastic! I think you did a really good job telling Eduardo’s story. I like how you incorporated text boxes, audio clips, pictures, and a video! On the language barrier page you might want to use one of those tools to break up some of the text. Also, for the title you could think about adding some like (An Incredible Journey: From leaving Mexico undocumented to an Ivy League Institution) or something along those lines. Other than that I think you have a great story, and your webpage has a beautiful design.


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