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  1. Jessica,
    Your project is looking great! I think you did a really good job of telling the story in the third person. Futhermore, I really like that you changed the background color to black because I think it makes the sunflower in your cover photo really come to life. I love the title as well, and you could also add two more adjectives to the last two words i.e. (beautiful spirit, talented writer, loving mother, faithful partner) so that each title has an adjective. Also, I thought the pictures and quotes box you made looked fantastic especially the pictures of Kianny and Mia! You could also thinking about converting the cheating story to a audio link so that the reader could hear the story in Kianny’s words. The last piece of advice I had was that you might want to slide the peer review under appendix menu or place it in front of the return link, but that’s totally your decision. This project is turning out great! Keep up the good work!-Jacob

  2. Jessica, be aware that your side bar shows two “peer review” pages one at the top and one at the bottom of your index.

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