Writer of the Dominican Diaspora?

Kianny is often referred to as a writer of the Dominican Diaspora. She does not mind being called that because that is what she is:

“I am a writer, who happens to be Dominican, who happens to live here [U.S.] And because of that I am called a writer from the Diaspora. It is very controversial.”

kianny- writers in exile

Lecture at Columbia University.

The word diaspora has different connotations. Kianny believes that the word builds a barrier between writers in the United States and those in the Dominican Republic, even if it is invisible. However, being a writer outside of the Dominican Republic is not easy. It is hard for her to get published in the U.S. because she is from the D.R. and she writes in Spanish. Similarly to how she can often not be taken into consideration for publication in the D.R. because she is from the U.S.

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