Struggling with a New Language

Knowing that she wanted to study was what kept Kianny going. She began working 70 hours in a supermarket for $4.15/hour, but knew that that was not what she was meant to be doing. After working 10 hours every day, she went to a small school a couple blocks away in order to learn English. The English language was something that she was not interested in learning when she was younger and would rather do anything than learn it, thus she believes she paid for that once she came to the United States.

She recounted an experience from her days in the Bronx:

“Ok, this is not a difficulty but this is a reality. I was in the train and then this guy started talking to me and I was so ashamed. I didn’t know what he was saying. That, I left.. I got out of the train and waited for the other one. I did that many times, by the way. When the smile and the ‘mhm’ did’t work.”

Kianny recalls taking all ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. However, one of the things that she is proud of is that even though she had to take all ESL classes while completing her Associates Degree, she ended up taking Honors English.

She firmly believes that she had to learn the language because she lives in the U.S. but would not consider herself skilled in it.

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