Embracing Motherhood

waterfall- KiannyKianny always criticized the women who ceased to be women when they became mothers: those women whose world becomes their baby. That was, until she had a baby of her own.

“Having my baby and falling in love with her, the way I am in love with her. Of course I don’t want to do anything else. I just want to be with her. Kiss her. Bite her. Eat her. But I realized that I have to continue being a woman and pursue my passions.”

kianny & mia

Her daughter, Mía, is her love and she comes first but Kianny also likes to write, to publish, and to attend conferences. Soon after giving birth, Kianny searched for ways to have her own “me” time. She would look up free events and free workshops. One of the things she did once a week was bookbinding as part of a Dartmouth art program. Once every 5 months she would decide to go out and do something else. She participated in a couple of programs: playing with clay, making mosaics, etc.

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Kianny chose to stay home for 2 years. It was a difficult decision but she wanted to share precious moments with Mía and although she has gone back to working, her daughter remains her priority.


kianny - marshmallow

Kianny and Mía enjoying marshmallows.

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