Keysi and Mía

Both Kianny and Keysi lived in New York at the same time but did not meet. It was not until Facebook came along that they connected. They had about 80 mutual friends. Keysi was the one who noticed and ‘friended’ her, naturally. They became friends in January. Soon after he invited a group of them, all writers, to visit for the weekend. That night they drank and enjoyed each others’ company while reading poetry and such. That was how they met, in May.

kianny- family portrait

A family portrait soon after Mía’s birth.

The two kept in contact. In August, they saw each other again and that was it. Soon she was traveling up from New York every weekend and Mía came along. They got pregnant.

They decided that it would better for them if Kianny moved to New Hampshire than for Keysi to move to New York. Keysi already had the house and a stable job. Kianny was working on her PhD and working part time while living in a small apartment. There was no doubt that Lebanon, NH was the best place to raise their daughter. They decided that it was the best place for their family and have been together for 3 years now.

kianny- 1st mothers day

Keysi, Mía and Kianny celebrating Kianny’s first Mother’s Day.

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