Owning Her Writing

kianny- feria del libro st. dgo 2010

Kianny presenting ‘9 Iris y otros malditos cuentos’ at Feria del Libro in Santo Domingo, D.R. 2010.

Kianny openly shared that she does not have a strict writing regimen. Inspirations for her short stories come from anything: insomnia, a hole, among other things.  She shares this at workshops that she teaches. If a title comes to mind, a beautiful title, then she writes from there. She does not plan; she lets the writing happen. She shared that often she will often have people tell her what she should write about, but that is not how it works.

“It does not work like that. It could be the most amazing story with fuegos artificiales [fireworks] but if it does not come. It doesn’t come.”

Interesting fact: Kianny’s partner is Keiselim A. Montás, who is also a writer. The two have different styles but they support and respect each other a lot. However, they do argue when it comes to writing. She shared that they are both very prideful and narcissistic as authors. They will both insist on how they want things done even if sometimes they do not entirely make sense to the other. On the upside, she considers it a blessing to be with somebody who understands what she does. It is something that cannot be compared.

“We respect each other. And in public, we respect each other even more. It makes me so proud to be next to him. The guy is so talented! It is a privilege to be able to share my life with somebody that knows and loves what I do, who respects what I do and who enjoys my successes the same way I enjoy his.”

As writers and partners, the two will often find themselves attending the same conferences and lately, they’ve been going everywhere together. However, Kianny finds it important to keep their independence. She shared that she will often ask Keysi if he minds that they do conferences together or if he would like to do it on his own.

Lectura poética- Mujeres de Rojo en el Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en los Estados Unidos.

Poetry Lecture -Mujeres de Rojo.

“I really do not want people to see us as a couple when it comes to writing. I want to have my independence and I want him to be independent. But traveling together is convenient. If we go to the Dominican Republic and to present my book and he has a book, then we’ll do it together. Even if our styles are different. But that is good because it shows we’re individuals.”

kianny - books

Keysi and Kianny’s works available in digital versions on Amazon.

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