Born to Teach

kianny- CCNY successKianny loves teaching. She believes she was born to teach. She always knew she was going to be a teacher, although she originally thought she would teach Math. She loved Math, before she began reading and writing. While completing her Master’s she simultaneously worked on her teaching license for high school. She did not necessarily want to teach high school students but that was the closet she could come to teaching in college at the time. Luckily, as soon as she finished her Master’s she began teaching at the same college that she was studying at. She worked as an Adjunct Professor at The City College of New York for 2 years prior to moving to Lebanon, New Hampshire.

kianny- reading to kids

Kianny reading to kids.

Currently, Kianny is teaching Spanish at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH. She loves what she is doing now: seeing and being part of the learning process of her wonderful students at Crossroads. Crossroads is magical place where helping young men and young women to become better individuals is as important as teaching them the academic subjects. Additionally, she decided to take the job because of the part-time commitment (3 days a week) that allows her to continue to spend time with Mía.

Although she is currently working as a middle school teacher, Kianny would like to go back to teaching at the college level. She enjoys the challenge and the ability to be able to hold in-depth discussions.

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