Interview Framework

Prior to the interview I browsed Kianny’s website and any other related material that I could find in order to have a better background going into the interview. The interview with Kianny took place on November 13, 2013 at her home in Lebanon, NH. I had questions already selected to cover her early life, migration, and the role that education has played in her life. Although I had questions to make sure I covered the basics for the project, once we began the interview, Kianny’s stories and energy provided the momentum to make the hour pass by quickly and raised many more questions. The questions that arose were answered with more stories and laughs.

Basic Information: 

1. Could you please state your name and where you are from?

2. What year were you born?

3. What was life in the Dominican Republic like?

4. Do you have any siblings? Or did you grow up with cousins?


1. What were the circumstances that prompted your decision to migrate to the U.S.?

2. How old were you when you came?

3. What was the trip like?

Education/Writing Specific:

1. What role has education played in your life?

2. How did you discover you gift of writing?

3. Where do you draw inspiration from?

4. Do you have a particular schedule/routine for writing?

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