Douglas- Childhood and education at Salamale School

Concepcion fondly remembers how she and her family were received as they settled into their new home in Douglas, Arizona. She recalls how kind and friendly the people were in Douglas, and how they were treated very well.

Soon after they settled into their new home, Concepcion started kindergarten at Salamale school. The memories of her school are nothing but happiness for Concepcion. While she was in school, she used to get called in every day around 9:30 am to drink a glass of milk. She was given the milk to drink as she was very thin and her teachers and administrators were afraid that she was sick or hungry. However, Concepcion’s daughter explained that Concepcion has always been thin, back then, and is still thin.

While attending Salamale school, Concepcion learned English, a skill that would help her out later on in life. In addition to learning English and completing her studies through the 9th grade, Concepcion was also a member of her school band, playing the triangles and the drums. After finishing the 9th grade, Concepcion went on to enter the workforce, as she graduated in the midst of the Great Depression and was unable to continue her studies. Despite this, Concepcion is still very happy that she was able to complete her education at Salamale school.

Enduring hardship- entering the workforce and the Great Depression.

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