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  1. Hi Jacob!

    I tried leaving a peer review on your page earlier this week, but comments aren’t enabled on the “Peer Review” page. I waited a couple days to see if they would turn on, but since that wasn’t the case I figured I would just shoot you a blitz with my comments.

    I really love the images that accompany your text. They’re the first thing I notice when I visit your page, and they give life to your text. Some of them seem a bit awkward, like on the “Life in Mexico page, and would look better if they were arranged side-by-side instead of stacked on each-other. Another small, but important detail I noticed was the blank pages of “Journey to the US” and “Living in Arizona.” They seem weird with just the link, and if there’s anyway you can move some sort of text there, be it an introduction or the next page, I think they’d look better. Also, I’d rearrange the menu to show Appendix before Return to the DLOHP. I think placing it after Return discourages people from looking at that text, and it’s a very important part of your story!

    I hope this is helpful, and feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Great job on your project! It looks fantastic!



  2. Dear Jacob,

    overall, I think you have a great web page. I think the narrative is especially well-developed. I love all the stories Pedro recounted. The photos are well organized and I like the inclusion of video, voice, and quotes; you have incorporated them really nicely into text. There are a few places for improvement. In agreement with Leandra, I would think about reorganizing your photos from the “Life in Mexico” section into some kind of slide show. As is, the photos appear awkwardly by themselves. The vertical position of the photographs leaves too much white space on the page. It feels like there is text missing. In addition to this, I would check the prose and make sure that the narrative flows clearly. I have done some minor editing. Be sure that pronouns/nous and verbs agree, etc.

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