After finishing the burritos, we headed out to continue with our journey. My female cousin and the other girl began to fall behind. The other girl was not used to this type of terrain like we were since she was from the city and we lived in the country. I kept telling my cousin that the city girl was not going to make it. However, my cousin insisted that we press on towards our goal, but as we continued walking, the city girl finished the only two gallons of water we had because she was severely dehydrated. We needed to find a source of water quickly or else none of us would survive. Luckily, we stumbled upon an old cow corral. There was not a single water faucet around, but we did find a metal pipe sticking out of the ground. There was a hole in the pipe on the side and at the top. I had to act fast, so I covered the side hole with my hand and blew with all my might down the pipe. Miraculously, water came racing up through the pipe, and we were able to fill up our two gallons again. However, at this point the city girl began shaking very badly and developed a very high fever. My cousin finally agreed that we had to go near the road to search for help even if that meant getting caught.

As we were walking along the road, we heard a car approaching. Deep down inside I knew that it had to be a border patrol agent, but we had to flag him down so that the girl with us could get medical attention. As the car rolled by, we shouted and waved, but the border patrol vehicle did not slow down at all. We felt that they were leaving us out in the desert to die, but after ten excruciating minutes, the patrol officer turned around and picked us up. 1586607697_181b211c99_bHe slapped the handcuffs on all of us, and we headed off to the detention center in Tucson. At the detention center, I slept on a concrete bench in a holding cell, and when I woke up in the morning over a hundred more people had been packed into the holding cell with us. They fed us hamburgers from McDonald’s, which seemed like a gourmet restaurant at the time. After lunch, we were shipped back to Nogales, Mexico where the four of us rented a motel for the night. We didn’t know what to do at that point, but we were happy to be staying in a motel for the night since Nogales was a very dangerous city.

Try And Try Again…