My name is Jacob Flores, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being about to transform Pedro’s story into an oral history webpage. For me this has been more than a project.OEAFSYLDOGGQGBA.20130913185003 At the end of the term, usually a professor will make the students study for an exam or write a ten-page paper. In my opinion, this project is so much more enriching than any paper that I have ever written. I really enjoyed sitting down and listening to Pedro tell me about his life. His stories made me laugh, but I also learned a lot from him as well. Pedro is truly a family man, and I learned that I want to have what he has one day.

When Pedro talked about his own children, it reminded me of my parents because there are seven people in my family as well. He talked about the sacrifices that he made in order for his children to have a better life. This really made me appreciate all the sacrifices that my parents have made for my siblings and me. I realized that I am probably going to try to do the same for my children as well. This cycle is common in United States of America, but it is especially visible in migrants to this country.

I wanted to do an excellent job of making this webpage so that it could be something that Pedro and his family can cherish for generations. Family is a huge part of our Hispanic culture, and I hope that in a hundred years Pedro’s great-grandchildren can look back and read about the amazing father, husband, and singer that Pedro Celaya was.