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  1. Hi Leandra!
    I just wanted to leave a comment to give you some feedback! I think your oral history project is really coming along great! I like the simplicity of it (not a lot of menus and pictures). I know that you are still working, so I would just suggest to add more quote boxes or pictures to some of the later chapters. I think your project is organized very well. I think an introduction that will be added later will be helpful for giving the reader a glance of what Cristian’s oral history is about. I’d also like to suggest to add voice, although I know that maybe a problem if you are using a pseudonym for this oral history. I really like all the pictures that you are using in the text. The new cover photo is pretty awesome (Its from my NAS 30 class that I had this past term)! Please let me know if you have any questions! Great work!

  2. Hi Leandra, I think this is a really nice start. I would encourage you to work on reorganizing your prose so that you keep your ideas together (re: space, time, etc.) to improve flow. This will greatly improve the quality of the narrative. The design of the page and photographs work well. I look forward to your final project. For now, check the comments that I have peppered throughout your wordpress page.

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