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Senior Portfolio Project

The Senior Portfolio Project is a part of the DartWrite initiative. It offers support for Dartmouth Seniors building digital portfolios - personal websites - to showcase and reflect on their work. Your portfolio is yours to build and will reflect your experiences and goals; we want to help you build it. We'll help by providing periodic workshop programming and one-on-one consultation designed to help you compose your portfolio site. 

What do you get from joining the Project?

Any student can build a portfolio on the platform. By signing up for the Senior Portfolio Project, you get opportunities to schedule one-on-one consultations with Portfolio Fellows, fellow seniors with backgrounds in communication and training in the WordPress platform. 

You also get privileged access to workshops. We’ll offer workshops in both winter and spring terms. Topics may include: 

  • WordPress basics: getting started with your portfolio
  • Identifying and designing for your audience 
  • Curation: telling a story about experiences and projects 
  • Visual rhetoric and image formatting

How do I earn a $50 honorarium?

We're lucky to be able to offer a small reward to students who participate in the project. You can, of course, choose whatever level of engagement with the project best suits your needs. To earn the honorarium, there are three simple things you need to do before the end of senior spring:

  1. Build a portfolio and share it with us 
  2. Engage with our support resources by attending a workshop (or more) and/or scheduling a one-on-one consultation
  3. Complete an assessment survey and/or participate in an interview or focus group

We want you to come away from this project with a polished portfolio, something you can use and update as you move past your Dartmouth career. But we also want to know more about how students learn. By sharing the portfolio with us and talking with us about your learning and your design process, you’ll help us better understand how students learn to communicate at Dartmouth.

Join the Project!

If you are a senior and want to sign up, Just send us an email at to confirm you want to join. We'll add you to the mailing list for workshop events and offer opportunities to schedule sessions with peer consultants.

You can get started by building a site of your own anytime. For some guidance on how to launch your site: Starting Your Senior Portfolio.