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Faculty Workshop, Winter 2020


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Exemplary Portfolios:

There are over two thousand student portfolio sites on the platform as of late fall term. We've collected a few interesting examples of students using sites to engage in reflection, project curation, and showcasing on this page:

Example Portfolios

Examples include first-year portfolios that bridge across multiple classes, senior and alumni portfolios aimed at pursuing employment or graduate school, and the winners of last-year's inaugural DartWrite Portfolio Contest.

Portfolio Assignments:

Portfolio assignments come in many shapes and sizes! We've assembled an introductory guide to the most common assignment types we've seen Dartmouth faculty create over the past two years. Find it here:

Portfolio Assignments

We asked a few faculty to share more detailed accounts of their assignments. We share many goals as instructors, but each of our courses is unique. Taken out of context, it can be easy to miss the rich connections an assignment has to its course context, to readings, to course discussions, and to countless other parts of the student experience. Here are a few examples (with only a bit of context!) of the ways our faculty have incorporated DartWrite Portfolios into their teaching:

Additional Resources

Stay in touch if you need additional support or have questions. You can reach us at A few resources, some of which we'll touch on during the workshop: