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DartWrite Portfolio Contest

Cash Prizes in 11 Categories

The DartWrite Portfolio Project hosts an annual contest for Dartmouth students, focused on rewarding excellent and creative portfolio designs. DartWrite will consider submissions in 11 categories, 7 categories corresponding to each of the House Communities at Dartmouth, and 4 categories open to any Dartmouth Undergraduate.

Submissions are accepted and judged at the end of spring term. Note that winners in Grand Prize categories from past years will not be considered in the prize-winning category.

House Prizes (one for each House Community), $250 each; open to the first-year class only

Up to one prize will be awarded in each of the 7 House Communities: (Allen, East Wheelock, North Park, School, South, West, and the Living Learning Communities). Judges in this category will evaluate submissions for the depth of content and for the accessibility and clarity of the site design.

Grand Prizes (open to undergraduates in sophomore-senior years), $500 each

Best Showcase Portfolio

Showcase portfolios are designed to share the portfolio owner's abilities, experiences, or accomplishments with the public. Judges will look for portfolios that have a clear and convincing message about the portfolio owner, that exhibit evidence supporting that message (likely by describing or linking to projects), and that synthesize experiences.

Best Reflection in a Portfolio

Judges in this category will be looking for reflection that exhibit a few features: (1) a focus on growth and development, perhaps including challenges or failures, (2) the integration of different experiences (i.e. drawing connections across experiences), and (3) connect growth and development with specific experiences or artifacts from that experience.

Best Digital Essay or Speech in a Portfolio

A digital essay or speech is a primarily verbal composition designed to be presented on the web. The project should be presented as a webpage, website, or series of linked pages; it should be primarily verbal, but use additional, non-verbal elements to enrich its purpose or message. Judges will evaluate submissions for the clarity, importance, and convincing-ness of the core message or purpose, the clarity of language and its presentation, and the integration of verbal and non-verbal information.

Best Design of a Portfolio

Judges in this category will evaluate the entire portfolio site in three key areas: the clarity and coherence of visual design; the integration of visual and verbal elements; the ease of use, including site accessibility and navigation pathways.

Submit your Portfolio

You can submit your portfolio anytime before the deadline by completing this form:

We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2020 contest. Check this space for a submission portal for the 2021 contest in winter term of 2021.

2021 Deadline: to be announced 


  • Only Dartmouth undergraduate students are eligible in all categories, and they are only eligible if they are enrolled during the academic year for which the prize is awarded.
  • House prizes may only be awarded to members of the corresponding housing community in their first year at Dartmouth.
  • Grand prizes may only be awarded to students who are no longer first-year students.
  • Submissions in the grand-prize categories are only eligible if they use the platform.
  • Grand Prize Winners from past years will only be considered for categories in which the student has never received a prize.