There are several methods for getting a site on This includes options for individual site creations or requesting sites for an entire course.

Create an Individual Site

1. Navigate to and sign in with your Dartmouth NetID and NetID password.

2. Next to My Sites click on the option to Add New.

3. Fill out the web form including (a.) your site name / address. (b.) Site Title, or display name. (c.) Site Language via the dropdown menu. (d.) Select the privacy settings you would like set for your course.



4. After the site creation, WordPress will provide a verification page with instructions for accessing your course site via the top menu.

5. Your new site will be created with the default WordPress template for Journeys.


Request a Set of Sites for Your Course

Contact to explore options for integrating the assignment into your course. We can also help you to batch create student sites and provision access to the instructor and/or classmates.