Opinion: Health Care

Reflect on health care in Nicaragua 

Health care services in Nicaragua are unequally distributed. In Managua, as well as other big cities, health care services are exceptional, with highly specialized doctors and quality hospitals. However, in rural parts of the country, having access to exceptional healthcare service might be more difficult. As in other countries around the world, the biggest barrier to quality healthcare is access. The distance of the hospital from rural communities may mean an hour drive to the nearest clinic or hospital. Sometimes, community members who don’t have access to transportation may have to walk for hours before getting care. Another barrier is money. Doctor consultations and medicines are costly, meaning that people who live in poverty are less likely to seek medical care because of money. NGO’s and non-profit organizations have been actively trying to bridge this healthcare gap by providing health care at low cost, funding mobile clinics, and building clinics in rural areas.

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