October 18 I Oral History Prep

Who will you (or did you) interview in Hanover (or via telephone or Skype) in order to practice for the oral history project? What are some of the questions that you will ask (or did ask) of your interviewee?

I am interviewing Yaritza Gonzalez, a former CCESP participant. She will be here for homecoming weekend, so I will be voice recording our interview.

The questions I will ask are as follows:

  • How did your participation in the CCESP trip influence your path at Dartmouth?
  • Given that you have a BA in Geography, what about Nicaragua and their ecological landscape stood out to you during your trip?
  • During your trip, did you have conservations with the local people about farming, or other agricultural practices? Did you notice any particular practices while there?
  • What cultural similarities did you notice between Nicaragua and your homeland, Mexico if any?
  • What cultural differences did you notice?
  • What was your biggest take-away from the CCESP trip?

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