Journeys at Dartmouth ( is Dartmouth’s platform for digital publishing needs in the learning environment. Powered by WordPress and hosted for Dartmouth by CampusPress, Journeys is a platform for publishing that puts learning needs and uses at the fore front. It’s designed to make digital publishing and projects as easy as possible for the busy Dartmouth community.

The Journeys platform started as Sites at Dartmouth ( Sites previously supported a variety of digital publishing needs including: administrative sites, personal landing pages, digital projects, learning portfolios, class project sites, and both class and student blog sites. In summer 2018, the Dartmouth WordPress Team decided to break out the platform into Sites and Journeys. Sites would focus on administrative, department, and personal landing pages. Journeys would focus on learning portfolios, class blogs, class projects, and both student blogs and journals.

Going forward, Journeys will allow the Dartmouth community access to a robust platform for digital learning. Users can expect to find a rich offering of plugins, themes, and features built around learning needs.