Originally built in 1927, '53 Commons was originally known as Thayer. In the 1990's the building housed several cafes that were collectively referred to as the Food Court or "FoCo." In 2011, the dining hall was dedicated to the Class of 1953, but the name "FoCo" remains popular for many.

Upstairs Level

The upstairs area was redesigned in 2011, dramatically differentiating from the architecture downstairs. Gone were traditional tables and wooden beams. Instead, the upstairs now offers a modern lounge space, functional for various activities.

Central Hub

As the largest dining facility on campus, FoCo serves as a place for students to eat, chat, and hang out with each other. While the downstairs primarily serves as a dining hall, the lounge environment upstairs encourages users to equally utilize the space as a dining hall, study space, and meeting area.


The value of public discourse and the resulting promises of community

09th Mar

Dr. David Fleming: A Busy Publicity

How Upstairs Foco redefine's publicity as described by Fleming

08th Mar

Flexible Decor Encourages Pocketed Publicity

With movable furniture & nooks, students engage in pocketed publicity creating discourse

07th Mar

Smaller Populations Encourage Accountability

Encouraging stronger discussion among few, Upstairs Foco minimizes the chaos of masses

06th Mar

Functionality as Community

With more accountability, students are encouraged to use their time effectively in a myriad of activites

05th Mar

Re-examining New Spaces

Knowing how good public discourse is created, students learn how to become a better consumer of public areas

04th Mar


Listed are the sources used to complete the website

03rd Mar


200 word reflection on writing concepts

02nd Mar