Welcome to The Top of the Hop!


On a small campus, space is premium. In environments filled with busy people, time is premium. Dartmouth combines both of these features and, with such a talented and diverse student body, pupils often find themselves haunting the same areas of campus for all four years. Outside of the classroom and dorms, the athletic types find themselves around the gym and athletics facilities, students interested in the arts stick to the studios and performance halls, people inclined to research spend their free time in the labs, and the list goes on. However, besides the dining halls and libraries, there is one social space on campus that is public and appears to bring together very different people and adequately serve their unique needs. The Top of the Hop, the top floor of the Hopkins center, is an expansive atrium style room which serves as a study area as well as hosts student ensemble performances, guest speakers, employment fairs, and other events. Its malleable design features and components allow the room to service all of these needs.