Welcome to my WordPress site! My name is Katherine Dwyer. This site is a compilation of just a few perspectives and stories about my family. I was born December 16th, 1991 in San Diego, California, into my family of a mother, father, and two half-sisters. Since then we have grown to include my brother-in-law, my four nephews, and our dog, Daisy.

There we are in the picture above. From left to right, you can see: baby Cody, Madelaine (my oldest sister), Chris (my brother-in-law), little Charlie and Josiah, my mom, my dad, our sweet yellow lab Daisy, me, and my other older sister, Constance.

I have always been thankful for my family. After completing interviews with them, however, I realized just how remarkably lucky I am. My parents gave everything they had in order to give me the best possible life. Everything I have today is because of what they did for me and the opportunities they put in front of me–all I had to do was not mess it up. Both my parents sacrificed their own needs to raise me, and that is a debt a child can never repay. I just hope that I do my best by making them proud!

Below is a video about my family. It touches on the story of my parents and how they started our family, being a stepfamily and my dad’s claiming of my sisters and me as a stepfather and biological father, my parents conflict over concerted cultivation vs. natural growth, and some difficult changes my family has gone through. Enjoy!

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