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 What is a supermom? How can one completely understand what a supermom is and does if they haven’t had a mom who shared those characteristics of a supermom? Webster’s definition of a supermom is “a woman who raises a child and takes care of a home while also having a full-time job.” My mom described it a little different.

“Being there for your children every second, every minute, every hour, every day for them. To love them unconditionally. To support them in everything that they do. To provide and meet their means. And to fill them with loads of love.” -Mom

We’ve learned a lot in class about how divorce and single parent households have a detrimental affect on children. However, my family’s a little different. My mom’s superhuman mental strength and loving care gave my siblings and I a solid foundation that has formed us into who we are today. My mom described it as a blessing.

“Even though we didn’t have anything, you were blessed by being able to go to an Ivy League, which you would think in our situation, you would be able to go as a black person and a female. Now with Derek being in Boston, living on his own and Noah doing well. All three of you guys excelled academically, athletically, and you all have a really good foundation, you’re good kids, well mannered, and well behaved, I’m very grateful and blessed for being in a single parent home. “

Throughout my webpage, I’m hoping you’ll understand how those two definitions of a supermom make up my mom, on a societal standpoint and personal, emotional standpoint.

(Familial background on both my mom and dad are also included to give a perspective on how similar their parents were, but how my mom decided to make a change in her parenting and my dad decided to shadow his father’s parenting and behavior towards his wife.)

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