My Homes and Family

“Where we love is home–home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

When I think about my family, now more than ever this quote has so much meaning to me. As my brothers and I continue to grow and explore, the number of times we are together may become few and far between, but this does not change home important it is to remember that we will always have a home in the places we grew up. This quote is especially important to me because I think it allows us the ability to have multiple homes, even while we are still young. We may not realize it at the time, but we are constantly making new homes whenever we put forth time and effort to building relationships and memories in a certain place. In Sociology of Family I have learned that this idea of “home” is a large part of what culture and society view as most important when looking at family, marriage, and parenting. The idea that kids will always have a place that they can go back to; a loving, stable environment in which they learned valuable lessons that they will ultimately carry forward into their adult lives and pass on to their children as well. Even if parents have their differences, my experience and information gained from this class have shown that what is most important for a child’s success is the devotion of two parents. Even with a broken past, the future can still be made whole if the two parents are willing to be reliable, flexible, and dedicated to the care and support of their children until the children are old enough to be on their own.


Below: A comparison of two of my homes. The first is a picture of my living room at my dad’s house in South Freeport. Below is a picture of my mom’s living room at our house in Standish.


Mom on South Freeport: “…It just was awesome though I thought it was a wonderful place. It was the most perfect place to live.”

Dad on South Freeport: “Probably my greatest memories are the sort of day-to-day events, like sitting around watching football. The classic “hanging out” time, taking care of the cats, running around in the field…Being in Freeport.”

Mom Living Room

My mother’s house, though not the place I grew up, still holds a special importance in my life. During a time of great transition she was able to create a warm, welcoming home that was always open for me while I was still in high school. Working around my schedule she created a second happy and loving place that I could feel safe in. I was lucky enough to have two places where I could relax and unwind. A home became a place where I made memories with the people I loved, not just the place that would hold my earliest memories.