Bon1487448_10202693766569937_25116301_nnie Michelle Bursky and Barry Evan Epstein were set up on a blind date, fell in love, and the rest is history…

Or that’s what I thought of their story until now.

This website will tell the story of the time my parents met up until today. I conducted interviews with each of my parents to learn this story of how they got from two single individuals to the parents of three grown children. Over the last 26 years, they have entered the married world, made big decisions regarding their careers, and raised three independent children.  They struggled with the balance of building successful work lives while also remaining available to support and nurture their children. My parents supported each other through changes in their lives, and they IMG_0965managed to adapt to new roles within our home.

This website will illustrate the success my parents have achieved in their lives, while also showing how there are aspects of their lives that they thought would be drastically different. Their lives do not necessarily look the way they always imagined, but my parents agreed that they are happy and fulfilled.



My parents take each moment with our family as a gift. As my mom said, the most important thing to remember is:

…to just live in the moment. Just to not wish this moment away even if it’s hard because it goes by so quickly that you don’t want to wish it away. Every minute is really precious.