Introducing the Green Family

My name is Guy Green, I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and I have lived in the town of Burlington and the city of Waltham. I have a younger sister named Fay, who is now 15 years old. Both my parents have been working for my entire life, and have never showed any signs or intentions of quitting their respective jobs to stay at home. Yet despite their hectic schedule, they have dedicated as much of their lives as possible to Fay and me.


Embarrassing Christmas card

I believe that this is a very unique aspect of our family, although to others the most unique aspect may be that we are an interracial family. However, this never played a significant role in our lives. Despite the fact that I often felt confused and unsure which boxes to check in applications, my parents taught my sister and me that whichever box we checked was not something that should define us, and we took that to heart, and have always been proud of who we are.

For this website, I am focusing primarily on having two working parents. I believe that my parents were truly equal sharers, and could not have distributed household jobs or childrearing tasks more evenly. This website illustrates my family from a sociological perspective, and examines how my parents were able to be such equal sharers, and why.

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