“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” 

-Michael J. Fox


Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Gemma Bautista and this website is a journey of my unconventional bi-racial family including my parents, Catherine and Angel Bautista, and my younger brother, Lachlan. As you will see, my family diverges from a “traditional” family in many aspects. Yet, despite going against all traditional norms, my parents have led successful lives and raised two children in a home full of love and support. This website explores the roles my parents have played in my life and how they have shaped my personal values.

Picture of my entire family in 2004.

My study began by interviewing both my parents who, with my brother, live in Australia. My father was originally born and raised in a very large family in the Philippines. My mother was born in country town Australia. The two met in an unlikely situation in Saudi Arabia after college, where they were both working in the medical science field. Less than a year after beginning a relationship, my mother became pregnant with me. They decided to move back to Australia before I was born and have been ever since. They were officially married when I was one years old. Three years after I was born, my little brother came along.


My brother and I lounging

My interviews with my mother and father highlighted three interesting themes. Firstly, it exposed the non-traditional gender norms that have been prevalent in the family from the moment of marriage. Secondly, the interview revealed how many parents individual and very different upbringings have shaped their parenting styles and ideals. Finally, it highlighted the most important aspect of family to both my father and my mother: their children. This entire project was a truly enlightening experience and one that will remain in my mind and heart forever, especially when it comes time for me to raise my own children.


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Me, playing in the sand as a toddler