Examining family through the lens of sociology has given me valuable perspective, and having the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned over the past 8 weeks to my own family has been rewarding.

In France c. 2006

My family is sixfold: I have a younger brother, Robbie, an older sister, Annika, and my mother and father, Nelson and Lou, who are fifty-nine and fifty-six respectively, and, most importantly, our spoiled Native American Shepherd, Kyra.  We’ve lived in New York City, Barcelona (go-to fun fact about myself), and Southport, Connecticut, the last of which I’ve lived in for almost 17 years.

This class has taught me that there is no typical family, and on this site I explore all the complexities of my family that make us so unique and use sociological arguments to explain my family’s distinct dynamic.

Kyra in September 2016, a month after rescuing her.

Specifically, I delve into my parents’ childhoods and its impact on their parenting, my mothers decision to quit work, and the collision of concerted cultivation and natural growth/independence in my parents’ parenting.  Enjoy!