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About Me


Hello! My name is Oumy Kane and I am a current freshman at Dartmouth College. I was born and raised in New York City to Senegalese parents who migrated to the United States. I came to Dartmouth undecided, unable to pinpoint my interests. Yet, despite my multitude of interests, different languages and cultures have always fascinated me. I aspire to become a vital member in my various communities, which involves expanding my horizons in order to become a better global citizen. In order to develop as a greater global citizen, I yearn to become fluent in multiple languages so that I am able to experience other countries as authentically as possible.

In high school, I participated in many different academic clubs and sports teams. However, upon arriving at Dartmouth, I made the conscious decision to limit my extra-curricular activities in order to get acclimated to college academics more seamlessly. With extra time in my schedule, I have been able to dedicate leisure time to working on my weaknesses, such as my writing. I have found that I have a love-hate relationship with writing. During our lifetimes, we are perceived through our writing so it is essential that we learn how to write in order to convey our ideas. I find the process of writing extremely frustrating to the point of disliking it. I hope my sentiment towards writing changes with time and practice.