“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”.
-Mahatma Gandhi


imagesHello and welcome to my ePortfolio for LACS 20!

This semester I am taking LACS 20 with Professor Moody where I get to explore and learn more about Nicaragua. Although I will not be going to Nicaragua, I am excited to learn about the different aspects of Nicaraguan culture such as healthcare, economics, and much more. Through reading literature, watching films, and doing research, I hope to fully engage my curiosity about Nicaragua.


Below is a few information on each of the tabs:


About Nicaragua: This is my individual final project in which I explore the issue of ethnic exclusion amongst the different tribes in Nicaragua.

About the Author: This gives you a brief introduction into who I am and why I am taking LACS 20!

Blogs Discussions and Assignments: The layout of this is a week by week and it contains my responses to questions about various aspects of the LACS 20 class and my own personal experiences.

Final Group Project: This is the final group presentation in which we explored Traditional Medicine in Nicaragua. I focused specifically on childcare whilst the others focused on how Traditional Medicine is perceived and maternal care.

Oral History: I interview anthropologist Chelsey Kivland about her experiences in Haiti because I know that Haiti and Nicaragua share much in common.

References: List of websites for all my sources.